The Mission of AVICOM

  • to advise museums and make museum professionals aware of and better informed about the usefulness and potential of audiovisual and new technologies, in terms of education, information, promotion and business activities
  • to recommend that audiovisual technologies be included in equipment, operating and cultural event budgets
  • to study the legal and financial framework with respect to images, sound, audiovisual and multimedia productions as well as cable and microwave network broadcasts
  • to survey institutions, collections, techniques, outputs and productions, as well as databases and data banks
  • to promote knowledge of the conservation methodologies for all kinds of audiovisual and digital records
  • to promote knowledge of the history of techniques, and to encourage the creation of exchange networks and the study of how audiovisual technologies are used.

Main Topics for the Next Years:

  • Media as an integral part of museum and exhibition concept
  • The use of Social Media and Applications
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality: For reconstruction and mediation of cultural heritage
  • Barrier reduction and inclusion by media
  • Legal aspects of media