FIAMP.2014 at the State Tretyakov Gallery

Prize list of FIAMP.2014

Prize list of FIAMP.2014 of AVICOM in Moscow. Proclaimed at the time of the Trophies Ceremony in Tretiakof Gallery on September 20th:

for: Olympic Museum – Swiss
with audiovisual “Inside the race” and “Opening ceremony”

To recognize special excellence in the production of media integrated in museumexhibitions. Factors include outstanding cinematography, exemplary graphic andaudio production and outstanding writing and thematic content.



Gold for: State Tretyakev Gallery – Russia
with “Butterfly effect”

Silver for: Estudio Preto E Branco – Brasil
with “Musee D’Orsay”

Bronze for: Swiss National Museum – Swiss
with “Le liber abaci de Fibonacci”


Gold for: Asteria Multimedia SRL
& Science Museum of Trento – Italia
with “Time machine”

Silver for: Sistemas do Futuro
& National Railway Museum – Portugal
with “Mr. Steam and “The train is our friend”

Bronze for: Media Flash, Tradicio Studio – Hungary
with “The flame must be kept alive”


Gold for: Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation – Spain
with “Dali-Pitxot. L’al legoria de la memoria”

Silver for: Deineka Picture Gallery, Kursk – Russia
with “Return of the Queen”

Bronze for: State Literature Museum – Russia
with “Mayakovsky forever”

for Rose Film Studio – Russia
with “The captured image”


“PRIX WEB’ART” general institutional websites
for: Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts – Russia
with <>

“PRIX SPECIAL WEB’ART” specific program and virtual exhibitions
for: Hungarian Open Air Museum, Museum Education Centre
with <>


Gold for: Victoria Museum, scienceworks campus -Australia
with “Design your own future transport”

Silver for: The Vologda State Museum, reserve of history,
architecture and decorative arts – Russia
with “Vologodians in the history of russian america”

Bronze for: State Tretyakov Gallery – Russia
with “Create your own still life”

“PRIX MULTIMEDI’ART INTERACTIF INNOVATION” special programs, on smartphone and tablets
for: Rijksmuseum – Netherlands
with “Rijksmuseum multimedia tour App”




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FIAMP.2014 to the State Tretyakov Gallery

Next festival FIAMP will be held from 18 till 21 September 2014 in Moscow, in Russia. It is hosted and co-organized by ICOM Russia committee and ADIT.

It will be held to the State Tretyakov Gallery.

Productions and audiovisual programmes, web sites, multimedia and interactives (CD-ROM, DVD-Rom, terminals, portable applications and tablets, etc…) registered to the competition were presented during the colloquium.

The Prize list will be proclaimed at the time of the Awards Ceremony.

The General Assembly of AVICOM will be held on september 20.


The preliminary program is the following:

September 18th
18:00: opening ceremony of the festival to the Jewish Museum and the center of the tolerance
(http: // .

September 19th
10:00 to 18:00: Round tables and conferences in the State Tretiakov Gallery, room of the engineers (http: // ress / address1215/)
Cultural program.

September 20th
10:00 to 12:00: General Assembly of AVICOM. Place: State Tretiakov Gallery, room of the engineers.
14:00 to16:00: Round tables and conferences, and cultural program
18:00: Awards ceremony  of FIAMP, State Tretiakov Gallery, room of the engineers.

From 18 till 21 September, a cultural program is proposed to the participants of the festival: visits of museums of Moscow (Historic Museum of State, Gallery of State Tretiakov, Museum of fine arts (School of Fine Arts) Pushkin).

Attention !
It is possible to visit other cities of Russia or to extend your stay in Moscow to deepen the visits of museums on the condition of making the reservation in a independent way. We ask you to indicate the precise dates of your arrival and departure in the form recording form for the obtaining of your visa.

Your registrations are to be made at Natalia TOLTAYA <>, Director of the FIAMP, in charge of the relations with Russia.

Will know that the visas for Russia require precise administrative formalities. For certain countries, it will be necessary that you have an official invitation (to be asked Natalia) whose starting and dates of arrival must be the same ones as those of your electronic ticket, of which you will have to also provide a copy. Inform you directly near the Russian consulate of your country.


Jury 2014: meeting from June 2nd to June 4th with Paris, auditorium of the C2RMF – Palais du Louvre.

Photographs <here>


Executive management of FIAMP

Marie-Françoise DELVAL
Director General

Director, in charge of the relations with Russia
ADIT President

Deputy Director, in charge of the relations with Latin America

Partners co-organizers:

National Committee ICOM Russia

“Automation, documentation, IT for museums”