Winners: 2006


Paris, France

AVICOM Grand Prize All Categories

  • National Palace Museum, Taiwan, for the quality of all its audio-visual and multimedia productions

Interactive Terminals

  • Gold Interactive Multimédi’Art Award
    Musée du quai Branly, France, for all its interactive terminals
  • Silver Interactive Multimédi’Art Award
    Hyptique and for CNRS UMS 1834, France, for “D’une langue à l’autre”
  • Interactive Multimédi’Art Award – Special Mention for the Presentation of Intangible Heritage
    Musée du quai Branly, France, for the interactive terminal “ASIE”

CD-Rom / DVD-Rom

  • Gold Multimédi’Art Award
    DD Laboratory, Latvia, for “Rainis 2005”
  • Silver Multimédi’Art Award
    Museum of Literature Petöfi, Hungary, for “Consciousness”

Audiovisual Films

  • Grand Prize for Short Length
    Emblemma Espais Audiovisuals, Spain, for “Jules Verne”
  • Grand Prize for Medium Length
    Stelling Arte e Cetera, Netherlands, for “Keeping the futur : De Mayer program”
  • Grand Prize for Feature Length
    Albert Khan Museum, France, for “Le Banquier, le Maréchal et le Missionnaire”


  • Gold Web’Art Award for Website
    The Photographic Agency for Réunion des Musées Nationaux, France, for “Ecortex
  • Gold Web’Art Award for Virtual Exhibition
    Canadian Heritage Information Network, Canada, for “Tipatshimuna
  • Silver Web’Art Award for Virtual Exhibition
    Museum Victoria, Australia, for “Caught and Coloured