2010 – 2013 Elections


Marie-Françoise DELVAL

Election of the new Board and and Executive Committee of AVICOM for 2010-2013

The committees of ICOM must elect every 3 years their Board and their Executive Committee. The next election of AVICOM committee will take place in november at the time of its General Assembly in Shanghai, during the ICOM General Conference. The members of AVICOM must thus vote to elect and/or renew the Board and the Executive Committee.

You vote while returning, by the post office or e-mail, the ballot paper with the notched names of the selected applicants. The counting will be done in Shanghai during the General Assembly. The new Executive Committee will elect itself the new Board.

Members of the Board applicants for a new mandate

  • Jean-Marcel HUMBERT (France)
  • Eric LANGLOIS (Canada)

The other members of the Executive Committee and Board having made dual mandate (6 years) cannot postulate any more for a new mandate.

The candidatures are open for the next elections.

The application form will be soon downloadable on this page.