f@imp: General informations


For more than 15 years, AVICOM has promoted and recognized excellence in audio-visual and multimedia creations from around the world.


FAIMP’s mandate is to encourage, enhance and promote the production and distribution of audiovisual (film, video) and multimedia products (websites, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, mobile applications, new museography, etc.) designed for museums or designed and/or produced by museum and heritage institutions or by professionals and private companies specialized in cultural multimedia.

The Competition

The competition is open to any museum or cultural institution in the world as well as professionals and private companies having undertaken projects for museums and cultural institutions.

Productions should promote either a cultural institution, collections, museography, heritage as defined by UNESCO, an artist or art history though one the following formats: educational, informational, promotional, edutainment or artistic.

The FAIMP  prizes will be awarded in some categories including the AVICOM Grand Prize, renamed in honor of the founder of the AVICOM Committee, Nicole-Claude Hocquard. For

Prize Categories

The categories will be redefined for the festival 2020!

Here the former categories:

Audiovisual Category
  • Short Film Award: 10 minutes or less
  • Medium-Length Film Award: 10 to 30 minutes
  • Feature Film Award: 30 to 55 minutes
Multimedia Category
  • Multimédi’Art Award: CD-ROM or DVD-Rom
  • Interactive Multimédi’Art Award: kiosks, interactive programs (audio guides), mobile applications
  • Web’Art Award: website
  • Special Web’Art Award: online exhibition or program
  • New Museology Award:  immersive environment (if the jury can view technologically during the meeting)
Claude-Nicole Hocquard Award
  • New name for the AVICOM Grand Prize for jury’s choice amongst all categories

The Selection Process

The jury consists of panel of experts recognized by their peers and is mandated to review the submissions selected by the AVICOM General Commissariat. Its selection is based on the quality of the content (scientific value) and the form (presentation, ease of use) and may also take originality into account. Prizes are awarded based on a majority vote. The jury reserves the right not to award a prize in a particular category if it deems that no submission has fulfilled its prerequisites. The works of the finalists will be presented to FAIMP participants before the official awards ceremony.

Past Festivals

Marie-Françoise Delval , who was at the helm of Musées de France at the time, instigated the Festival Audiovisuel Muséographique in 1992, which eventually became the Festival Audiovisuel International Musées et Patrimoine in 1996. The CD-Roms and websites competition was incorporated into the festival in 1998.

FIAMP Winners Catalog
Fiamp.2012 – Montréal, Canada
Fiamp.2010 – Shanghai, China FIAMP.2010
Fiamp.2009 – Turin, Italy FIAMP.2009
Fiamp.2008 – Gatineau-Ottawa, Canada FIAMP.2008
Fiamp.2007 – Cuernavaca, Mexico FIAMP.2007
Fiamp.2006 – Paris, France FIAMP.2006
Fiamp.2004 – Taipei, Taiwan FIAMP.2004
Fiamp.2003 – Paris, France FIAMP.2003
Fiamp.2002 – São Paulo, Brazil
Fiamp.2001 – Barcelona, Spain
Fiamp.2000 – Budapest, Hungary PDF (French)
Fiamp.1999 – Montreal, Canada PDF (French)
Fiamp.1998 – Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso PDF (French)
Fiamp.1997 – Paris, France PDF (French)
Fiamp.1996 – Buenos Aires, Argentina PDF (French)