Minutes: July 8 2011

Board of Directors’ Meeting for the AVICOM Committee

July 8 2011 at 10:00 AM at the ICOM office on Prospero Street



Welcome from the President


The President welcomes the committee members and expresses her pleasure at seeing members who came expressly from Italy and Hungary for the meeting. As this is the first official meeting, it will be a little long, but it is important because it will allow us to ensure that everyone adheres to the project and to the vision of the committee. Some values ​​must underpin our actions, including that of transparency when it comes to our finances as well as to the promotion of AVICOM’s activities.




Marie-Françoise Delval (ad hoc)
Simona Caraceni
János Tari
Béatrice Sauvignet
Manon Blanchette

The President noted that she had received an email from one of our Chinese members saying he could not attend because he could not obtain a visa.


Other points to add to the agenda
Adoption of the agenda


  • New Business (no new business)
  • The role of each member in AVICOM

Each explains his or her motives. These are: to share knowledge, to learn and to be stimulated by interaction with colleagues.


President’s Report


ICOM: Annual Meeting of ICOM and the presence of AVICOM members
The President explained that she was present at the ICOM meetings and can testify that the atmosphere of the discussions has improved considerably. A new climate of trust and collaboration seems to be present. She wants to have as many people as possible attend these meetings. Since AVICOM has 5 votes, it would be wise to use them. (If members cannot attend, it would be effective to sign proxies.)

We suggest that meetings take place on a monthly basis. 6 :00 PM Europe / 12:00 PM North America

  • First choice is Skype
  • Email
  • Twitter and telephone

Delegation of votes at the annual meeting
The President explains voting procedures and the delegation of votes.

The AVICOM website / your involvement via Montreal
The site belongs to us all. You can send me ideas in order to develop it and give visibility to your work and that of all members.

The ICOM database: Utility and updating process
The database is accessible by the chair of the International Committee.

Strategic plan and involvement of AVICOM:

  • Increase membership and transparency for ICOM members
  • Strengthen ICOM’s global leadership in the heritage sector
  • Develop expertise in the museum and heritage sector
  • Develop and manage resources to effectively
  • implement the Strategic Plan

It is understood that the sooner projects are prepared in advance, the easier it is to get funding.


  • Greater use of social media, not just Facebook
  • Work with other events: AZOLO Art Film Festival (Italy)
  • Share new research
  • Attract notice with more specific topics, more sophisticated themes
  • Best Heritage Project is a good example
  • Archimuse, develop collaborations
  • To have more people around the world giving lectures on behalf of AVICOM and publish research on the web
  • Consider updating the website with a commenting function to increase interactivity
  • Develop the idea of on-site training workshops in developing countries and unite with those who share this primary objective, such as AFICOM
  • Promote AVICOM with other International Committees


Discussion Points


1. Annual meeting of all members: we need to determine the mode of communication

2. AVICOM Strategic Plan 2012 – 2015

3. The President informs the committee  that the next AVICOM meeting will be held in Montreal in October. The Board confirms that these dates are acceptable.

4. For Rio 2013, we need to start organizing the AVICOM meeting with  ICOM Brazil members and other ICOM International Committees. Everyone agrees that we have to start planning the Rio conference.

5. Proposed themes:

  • The Web and democratization
  • The Web and the emergence of new museology professions
  • The Web and emerging economies
  • Other ideas to be submitted by e-mail

    The Board accepts the theme of Technology and New Museology Professions.It is suggested that we work with CEDOC and CECA.

6. The relationship with ICOM International Committees or management of committees.

7. The annual activities of ICOM

  • Discussion forum on the Web
  • Meetings, which take place via telecommunications (Skype or other technology, conference calls)
  • Research by members, the ICOM Journal, and the involvement of AVICOM
  • Lectures given by members (These lectures will be included on the Web. Just send them to Manon.)
  • The role of the AVICOM website in these activities
  • The Web publications of the committee
  • Symposium proceedings -2012
  • Remember to record audio at the conference so that we can disseminate on the Web

8. Funding

  • Special projects
  • Operational funding for AVICOM
  • Rules
  • Current financial statements
  • The new financial organization
  • The Treasurer and his role on the Board. The role of treasurer is important for financial monitoring and for committee transparency.
  • Next Meeting and communication mode

9. Varia

10.  Conclusion and follow-up on actions