General Conference 2010


Conférence générale 2010

Shanghai, China
November 7-13 2010
22nd General Conference
Theme: Museums and a Harmonious Society

ICOM 2010For the first time in its history, ICOM will participate in the celebrated World Expo, which is held this year on the theme of ‘Better City, Better Life’ in Shanghai from May 1st to 31 October, 2010.

With a booth of 108m², ICOM will be able to show the world the important role museums play in modern history as well as ICOM’s function as the only international organisation representing museums and museum professionals.

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Visit of ICOM pavillon with Julien Enfruns

ICOM Pavilion

The architecture agency Exhibit Works Inc. has designed a “museum” experience for visitors to appreciate and learn about ICOM and what ICOM does. The clean, simple, modern museum-like architecture with its modernized image has well planned functions. The front circular space can be set up as a featured exhibit area and can also be converted to an activity area.


These are photos of models! See all the photos of the pavilion.


At the back, a video wall will create a sensational experience of a modern museum environment. Visitors can appreciate the exhibit from both outside and inside the pavilion, and they can access the exhibit in and out easily with all the openings on all sides. The VIP lounge will provide a comfortable environment for ICOM members, journalists and partners.




These are photos of models! See all the photos of the pavilion.


The theme for the ICOM booth (‘Better City, Better Life’) will be explored throughout exhibitions and events during the six months of the Expo:


  • A permanent exhibition on ICOM and its missions.
  • Six temporary exhibitions that will highlight a continent with five topics: Museum and Society, Museums and the Environment, Museums and Culture, Museums, Economy and Innovation.
  • At the beginning of each month a museum will be presented, highlighting a region of the world.


ICOM will be under the spotlight on May 18, 2010 on the occasion of International Museum Day.