The AVICOM website

In recent years, museums have developed mobile applications to enhance their collections and exhibitions. The Web is also a definite presence in the museum field with interactive websites being designed to showcase new exhibitions and digital online archives giving the public unprecedented access to museums’ rich collections.

The AVICOM website is a shared resource for its members.

Help us develop the website and share your museums‘ success stories! We will update it based on your suggestions.

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  • Mobile Apps: your favourite museum mobile apps
  • Audiovisual: your favourite museum videos
  • Digital Archives: the online digital archives that you cannot do without
  • Technologies: cutting-edge technologies that are revolutionizing the field of museology
  • Websites: your favourite museum websites

The benefits of being a member of AVICOM

As an Institutional member, you can promote your Museum on the new AVICOM site by sending us a photo and a short text about your institution. Short informative texts on the subject of new technologies and museums are also welcome. Please contact us so that we can publish it on our website.