General Assembly 2014

The General assembly of AVICOM will be held 20 september,  from 10am to 12am, to State Tretyakov Gallery, in Moscou.

You will receive soon the annoncement for the AG.
But you can download here its agenda, working documents relating thereto and forms for the vote by proxy, in the event that you don’t participate:

  1. Convocation and agenda
  2. Proxy
  3. Financial Statements 2013
  4. Financial Statements 2014, blocked at June 18th
  5. President’s annual Report
  6. Proposal for new Rules of procedure to replace the associative Statutes

This General assembly is very important for AVICOM Committee this year. Indeed, during this session will be submitted to all the members the dissolution of AVICOM as an association “law 1901”  to comply with the requirements of ICOM. But AVICOM remain an international committee of ICOM.

If however the General Assembly decided not to vote in favour of the dissolution of the association, AVICOM would lose its status of international committee as well as potential grant of ICOM, for keeping only Affiliated Organisation of ICOM.

In any event, AVICOM must revise its status, this is why new Internal Rules, developed by AVICOM Board with the cooperation of Legal Affairs Department of the General Secretariat of ICOM, will be submitted to you for debate and approval.

Thus, we count the participation of the largest number and we already invite of you who could not unfortunately be among us for this great event in Moscow, to contact colleagues of AVICOM to which they could entrust their procuration and their voting intentions.

It is very important that you quickly answer from reception of the annoncement of GA, and that you prepare from now on your coming in Moscow.

Will know that the visas for Russia require precise administrative formalities. For certain countries, it will be necessary that you have an official invitation to be asked Natalia TOLSTAYA <n_tolstaya@mail.ru> whose starting and dates of arrival must be the same ones as those of your electronic ticket, of which you will have to also provide a copy. Inform you directly near the Russian consulate of your country.