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September 12, 2023

Online Workshop 13th Sept 2023: Museums, Virtual Reality and Sustainability in the Climate Emergency Workshop

Timetable (London Time)

Welcome Alan, Michael

12:00 – 1:20

  1. Heritage, Virtual Museums and the Climate Emergency

Henry McGhie: Museums Sustainability and Climate Change. Curating Tomorrow

Dr Jenny Newell: Imagining Potential Climate Futures. Australian Museum’s Climate Solutions Centre.

Klaus Thyman: Visualising Climate Change, Project Pressure

Nicola Henderson: Climate Ambassadors, Museums and Heritage Highland

Compere: Catherine Cassidy Carare

1:30 -2:30

  1. Building a Just Climate Future

Alaisdar Gordon Gibson: Climate Change a Humanitarian Emergency, Red Cross

Gozde Yilitz: Valorising Heritage Buildings, University of Sienna

Kevin Denham: Museum’s intervention in designing Climate friendly residential areas, Sweden

Ruiridh C Muir: Applying architecture to create climate friendly museums, Bard Architects

Compere: Maria Andrei University of St Ancrews

2:40 – 4:00

  1. Energy, Climate and Exhibitions

Michael H. Faber: Open Air Museums and Climate Change President of AVICOM

Maria Andrei: Immersive Climate Futures and Climate Action, UStA

Sophie Walker: Sophie Hynd: Verdant Works: a case study in climate informative exhibitions

Giula Gregnani: Beatrice: Transition Under Petrocapitalism, Timespan Museum and Archive

Pavat Kats: Digital infrastructure for sharing community climate information, Jewish Heritage

Compere: Alan Miller University of St Andrews

4:00 – 5:30

  1. Preparing for Climate Action

Kaye Hall: Barbados Museum and Historical Society

Ximena Jordan: Museos Frida Kahlo y Diego Rivera Anahuacalli

Ibrahim Tchan: Digital Resilience: Takienta’s Adaptation to Climate Change

Catherine Cassidy Virtual Museum of the Caribbean: EU-LAC project

Compere: Marta Peinador, AVICOM Board.

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