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March 14, 2022

Prague: Travel Grant for Young Professionals


AVICOM is offering a limited number of grants to complement travel and accomodation costs to the AVICOM Annual Conference and the AVICOM (Joint) Sessions during the 26th Triennial General Conference of ICOM in Prague, August 2022.

These grants are not to be confused with ICOM Young Members Grants, run by ICOM Paris.

You are eligible to the AVICOM grants, if:


  • You i) are a AVICOM individual member, or you ii) have a permanent job with a AVICOM institutional member, or you iii) are a PhD student developing research related to museum media.
  • You are an emerging and/or mid-career professional (not senior professional).
  • You are fluent in one of ICOM official languages (EN, F, SP).
  • You guarantee a professional presentation related to the topics of the AVICOM meetings or any other assistance to the organisers of the AVICOM meetings. Specific expectations will be communicated after the selection process is complete.
  • AND you have paid ICOM membership fees for the past 2 years (2020-2021) or you have paid ICOM membership fees for 2021 and 2022 (in case you are a new member).
  • AND you have not received a ICOM, NC or IC travel grant in the 3 years before.

In awarding travel grants, priority will be given to applicants from countries belonging to the ICOM Categories 3 and 4, as defined in the membership grid available at the following address:

Only if funds are available, young professionals from Categories 1 and 2 Countries may be selected.

Each grantee will be required to submit a report and/or a questionnaire by 30 September 2022, stating his/her experience and contribution to ICOM activities.


The grant is 50 percent of the costs mentioned, but limited to 600 EUR.


The grant has to be used for travel and accomodation costs only. AVICOM accepts only expenses for economy class flight, 2nd class train, local public transport (NO Taxi), accommodation costs up to 3 stars (local). Visa costs and eventual COVID testing related expenses will be covered by the grant too.

You have to pay all your expenses and transfer all the invoices to AVICOM after the event.

If the total amount of invoices is inferior to 600 EUR, AVICOM reimburses only the invoices paid by you.


The application must include:

  • The duly completed application form
  • A reference letter from your superior (museum director, head of your university department …)
  • Your up-to-date curriculum vitae + photo
  • A cover letter stating how this grant would be beneficial for the grantee, her/his institution and also ICOM/AVICOM.
  • Your confirmation that you will not receive a grant from another ICOM institution or an institution supporting ICOM members with grants.

The deadline for application is June 15, 2022, midnight CET (Lisbon/London time).

The filled application form has to be submitted to:

Incomplete applications or applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.


Every successful candidate will have to make sure to get, if needed, his/her own visa after being notified oft he selection at the present call. AVICOM and ICOM are not responsible for such procedures. Also, cadidates will have to make sure that they comply with all the lealth-related measures that may be in vigour at the moment of the conference; this shall fall under the candidates‘ responsibility.

ICOM will be closely monitoring the evolution oft he health situation in the Czech Republic. Please be aware that the conditions and regulations to entert o the Czech Republic may evolve, which could have an impact on the travel logistics and the grants.